Pedal Pull Rope


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Foot pedal pull rope 4 butler home fitness yoga fitness equipment sit-ups

⚡Pedal Pull Rope⚡

【Lightweight and Portable Design】

The compact elastic drawstring occupies a small space, the perfectly fitted hand design helps to catch, and the flexible foam prevents injury. Increase the range of motion. Reduce the risk of injury before exercise and relieve pain and pain after exercise. Reduce stress and improve joint flexibility and mobility

【Environmental Protection Materials】

The pedal belt is made of TPE + NBR environmentally friendly foam, high-quality tube glue, soft feet, non-slip handles, foot cover protection, soft foam to prevent damage, 4 draw ropes, high tensile strength and good performance elasticity

【Good Helper for Exercise】

Elastic pull rope fitness equipment. Adjust and tighten waist, legs and arms easily and safely, and relax shoulders. It can be used for any type of resistance training, used to exercise the back, legs, abdomen, abdomen, thigh, waist, arms, yoga and fitness classes. Improve stretch and flexibility

【Multifunctional Tension Rope】

The tube resistance band can be given as a gift to all friends or family. If you do not have time to go to the gym, yoga, sports training, or do not have enough space to accommodate huge fitness equipment, then this convenient elastic drawstring is very suitable for home, hotel room, office or even outdoor use


1. Shoulder movement: stand still, stand on a footstool and move the handle up and down firmly.
It is recommended to repeat 2-3 sets each time, a total of 15 times. It can prevent frozen shoulder and increase the flexibility of the shoulder.
2. Gesture exercise: Sit on a chair, stand on a footstool, maintain a 90-degree angle, and then pull the tube.
The palm of the fitness equipment can exercise the internal muscles of the arm.
3. Leg exercise: Lie on the yoga mat, hold the handle and stand on the footstool. Bend the leg 90 degrees and push forward. (It is recommended 15 times each time. It can effectively exercise and strengthen the waist and thigh muscles.)
4. Lighter than free weight and cheaper


Color: purple blue optional
Size: 18.9*10.24inch
Feet: 3.94*2.95inch

【Package Includes】

1*Pedal Pull Rope