Pet Fence Stop Barker


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Pet Fence Stop Barker Pet Containment System Training Collars Waterproof 1/2/3

🐶 Best Choice:

This kit includes a wall-mounted transmitter that, 984 feet of wire can cover more than 1.2 acres in square and 1.77 acres in circle land. The wireless electric fence gives your dogs a secure yard to play. NOTE- Your dog needs to be trained and practiced with this product for a period of time,and then it can limit your dog's activities range as you want.

🐶 Tone and Shock Stimulus

This dog fence prevents your dog from running out of the yard. When your dog move closer to the boundary,the warning tone will be issued first,then a shock stimulus after 4-10 seconds warning your dog not running out of the boundary.

🐶 Waterproof Adjustable Collar

He waterproof collar takes a 6-volt battery(included).The indicator light indicates whether the collar battery is in normal use or needs to be replaced.

🐶 Built-in Lightning Protection

Protects transmitter from power surges caused by lightning strikes.

🐶 Multiple Collar Operation

You can buy extra collars,unlimited number of collars can be added to the fence system.


Name: Pet Fence Stop Barker
Plug 12 volt, 1A
Receiver battery 3.7 volts: 400MA
Charging Indicator
Charging: Green light flashing
Fully charged: green light
Colour: multi-coloured
Product size: Cable length: 300m/984ft
Transmitter: 11.3*9cm/4.45*3.54in

Package Included

1* transmitter
1/2/3 receiver
2*Metal screws
1/2/3 test electric shock light
4/8/12 electric shock head screws
1*Charger (US standard)
4/8/12 silicone sleeve
1*300m coil
20*Boundary marker

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