Pet Grooming Glove


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Grooming your cat/dog is a necessary task that can improve the bond that you have with your pet, while also helping to maintain the health of their coat, reducing shedding, and minimizing furballs. However, too often it becomes a battle of wills to keep them still and groom them without either of your becoming stressed.

One answer to this predicament is to invest in a cat/dog grooming glove.

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Dog Cat Grooming Gloves Hair Fur Remover Bathing Shedding Massage

⚡Pet Massage Hair Remover Glove⚡

【Gentle with pets】

Rubber band, full of elasticity, suitable for any palm.

Five fingers separated, finger abdomen with soft silicone thorn, palm massage point.

This pair of gloves gently removes excess hair, debris, and tangles while keeping your hands and fingernails clean from dirt and oil.

【Big or Small Pets & Long or Short Hair】

Whether you are grooming a horse, chihuahua, or calico cat, rest assured t, our design works on all animals, big or small, long or short hair!

【Easy to Use】

This pair of grooming gloves make hard-to-reach places easy and quick to clean. Wet or dry, these gloves will not slip or fall off, with magnetic adhesive, can be adjusted automatically.

Large area thick dip glue, environmental protection glue, can prevent biting.

【Easy to Clean】

Simply rub your gloved hands together, rinse off with water and air dry, or throw them in the washing machine for quick and easy cleaning. 

【 What You Get 】

1 Pair Pet Grooming Glove


Color: Black
Size: 25.5cm high, 13.5cm wide