Pet Hair Portable Remover Brush


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Kittens and puppies are cute, but whenever you get close to them, the clothing is covered with their hair, is it annoying? Our pet hair remover can help you solve this trouble. Every time your clothes are stained with pet hair, you only need to use our brush to gently brush the pet hair away and wear clean clothes to the street, which is very convenient.

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Pet Hair Remover Brush Wool Brush Lint Remover Brush Self-Cleaning Brush for Lint & Hair Removal, Portable Dog or Cat Fur Cleaner Tool

【Double-sided Effective Lint Remover 】:

This reusable double-sided sticky hair remover can effectively remove pet fur, fluff, and dust thanks to its strong adhesive force.

【Reusable & Ergonomic Handle Design】:

Our pet hair removal brush is fully reusable and no refills or other sticky papers are required. Made of high-quality ABS material, wear-resistant and durable, in addition, the humanized design handle has good anti-slip performance, comfortable to hold for a long time, without struggling to remove unwanted hair.

【Portable & Wide Application】:

The compact size makes the lint brush easy to carry, it can easily fit into your backpack, carry-on, or even your pocket would be a good travel companion. While using it, swipe against the grain on items, the lint brush will pick up the pet hair with ease from your clothes, couch, carpet, car seat, upholstery, and more, works on all pet hair, even the finest pet fur!

Note the use of the need to reverse the bristles, in order to have the effect of electrostatic adsorption, hair removal a brush that is clean; hair removal brush can not brush the hairball on clothing.

Method of use.

1. pull the hair removal brush.
2. reverse bristles.
3. push the brush bristles into the storage box repeatedly pull several times.
4. open the base to pour out the lint.

Product specification

Material: ABS
Product size: 7.1 * 2.4 * 1 inch / 18 * 6.2 * 2.6CM
Weight: 85g
Color: gray

Package includes

1*Pet Hair Remover Brush