Outdoor Dog Pet Water Fountain


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Just like magic, water comes out. Our automatic outdoor dog waterer offers a new, fun and exploratory way to quench your dog's thirst in the great outdoors. No more putting a regular water bowl in. Challenge your dog to get some H2O the self-help way


Outdoor Dog Pet Water Fountain Step On Brass Valve Dispenser System Clean Fresh

Water Fountain⚡

🐶【Constant Availability of Fresh Water】

Make sure your pet can easily serve itself to get fresh and clean water at any time, even in your absence. No need to refill the water bowl; Your pet will not be thirsty when you are busy or not at home.

🐶【Funny Outdoor Pet Toy】

Just press the pedal, your pet will enjoy outdoor activities while playing with water.

🐶【Easy to Use and Pet Friendly】

Connect it to a faucet via the hose, press the pedal, the water stream comes out. Two plastic valves attached to adjust the water pressure and stream height. The paw design on the pedal encourages your pet to press.

🐶【 High-Quality Guaranteed】

Heavy-duty manufacturing for long life; Brass valve instead of a cheap plastic one; Sturdy hose, Durable painting ensuring high rust resistance.


Color: White
Size: 22*21.2*5.4cm/8.66*8.34*2.12in
Hose length: 104cm/3.41ft
Y-type piston internal thread: 2.53cm/0.99in
External thread: 2.56cm/1in


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