8-Piece Ear Pick Cleaning Kit
8-Piece Ear Pick Cleaning Kit
8-Piece Ear Pick Cleaning Kit
8-Piece Ear Pick Cleaning Kit
8-Piece Ear Pick Cleaning Kit
8-Piece Ear Pick Cleaning Kit

8-Piece Ear Pick Cleaning Kit


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8pcs Ear Pick Cleaning Set Health Care Tool Ear Wax Remover Cleaner Curette Kit

⚡8-Piece Ear Pick Cleaning Kit⚡

【High Quality】

Medical grade stainless steel and anti-rust paint: All earplugs are made of medical grade stainless steel, durable and rust-proof, easy to clean and disinfect. They are particularly durable in use and are not easily deformed.

【Practical Design】

Unlike the way that a cotton swab may further push the wax into the ear, the spoon-shaped earwax removal tool can effectively remove the accumulated earwax. 2 double-spiral double-ear design earplugs can help you massage the ear canal and relieve itching while cleaning.

【Easy to Use and Clean】

Before and after use, please rinse thoroughly with soap and water. Then disinfect with alcohol. You can also use the included small brush to clean debris before and after use.

【Anti-Slip and Safety Design】

All tools are completely polished, and all surfaces are smooth and round to prevent any irritation or scratching. The handle is designed for safety and non-slip design. The appearance is elegant, easy to control and safer.

【Convenient and Portable】

Comes with a portable box to store these things. You can carry these earwax removal tools anywhere, suitable for daily family use or travel use, and also a good gift choice.

【Package Included】

7 * earplugs
1 * storage box
1 * cleaning brush

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