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 [Wavy Curve Two Height]Neck Pillow is a Wave-shaped ergonomic design, durable, fits the shoulder and neck curve, supports the head and neck in multiple angles, and breaks down the pressure.
[Decompression Head Neck]innovative hollow honeycomb shape soothes the cervical spine and evenly relieves pressure.
[Soft Waxy Q Bomb Orthopedic Pillow]the rebound of 0.16 seconds dynamically fits the sleeping position.
[Directly Washed]Fully washed at 360 ℃, the whole body can be washed clean and safe, stable and durable performance.
[TPE technology]Cooling Breathable Orthopedic Pillow is new material, extraordinary fine and soft elastic, turning over more smoothly.
[Size]:20.5” L×13.8” W×3.1” H

No Pressure Pillow Neck Pillow


Juvenile latex pillow-Default 

【Soft & Supportive】Perfect balanced moderate density between comfort and support, the natural cream white latex will “melt in” and mold around your head, offering the ultimate comfortable sleeping experience with just-right support for the neck and shoulder.
【“C” Contour + High/Low Ergonomic Sides】 “C” contour curvature fits the natural curvature of the cervical spine. The Dual-Sides higher / lower design offers the right heightens depending on your needs.
【100% Natural Eco-Latex & Removable Washable Cover】 5 steps Eco-friendly processing hypoallergenic latex minimizes the latex allergy and scent. Comes with silky smooth double-layers polyester fiber pillowcases with zippers to remove for machine wash and dry.
【Size】: 23" *15" * 4.5"

No Pressure Pillow Neck Pillow
No Pressure Pillow Neck Pillow