PIR motion sensor switch


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Outdoor LED Security PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Detector Switch Wall Light 180°

⚡PIR motion sensor switch⚡ 

 【Automatic Induction】

The light will be activated ON/OFF by auto PIR motion detection. The motion sensor can identify day and night automatically.

【Large Detection】

The infrared sensor switch utilizes human motion infrared rays as control signal sources, when one enters the detection field, it will start the controlled load at once.

【High Sensitivity】

Motion sensor turns lights ON automatically when motion is detected and OFF after a pre-selected time delay (5sec to 6minutes).


People can enter the sensing range and can be automatically turned on, When people leave, they can automatically delay the shutdown, so as to prevent the conventional lamps from being opened.


Material: ABS
Working rotation: 180 °
Input Voltage: AC85V ~ 265V (50Hz)
Standard: LVD, EMC, CE, RoHS
IP rating: indoor application IP44
LUX Frame: 2-2000
Induction lighting time: 5s ~ 6min ?adjustable?
Detection range: approx. 5-8m,
installation height: 1.5-2.5m
Note: Please keep the button side lower when mounting


Blue color: Mullin (neutral)
Brown Color: Live wire
Red: Ground cable
Blue and brown input power
Blue and red connect the load (lamps)

【Package Include】

1 x PIR motion sensor switch