E27 28W LED Plant Growth light


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4x 28W full spectrum E27 E26 LED grow lights for Veg Bloom indoor plants

⚡Plant Growth LED Lights⚡

【Product Description

Very suitable for small planting boxes, growing tents, DIY hydroponics, bonsai, gardens, etc. Comfort, humanism, and high performance ensure that this hydroponic led planting light can quickly improve the health of plants and plants, usually, in 2 weeks, more leaves will pop up using this growing light every day.

【The Role of Red Light】

Promote photosynthesis, germination, flowering, and fruiting of plants; promote the formation of anthocyanins; promote the synthesis of chloroplasts.

【The Role of Blue Light】

It has a strong inhibitory effect on the growth of plant stems and has a great influence on the photosensitivity of plants.

【Product Advantages】

It can provide all the light needed for plant growth and flowering, help plants grow faster and better, and increase yield.
Very simple. High output, low heat and less electricity.
Add sunlight, especially in winter when the day is short.
Increase the length of the "day" to trigger specific growth and flowering, and help plants grow faster and reduce the growth cycle.
Easy to touch-will not burn plants. No need for high-power cooling system, energy cost saving 50%-70%

Solve the Problem

Are you troubled by these problems: lack of plant lighting? Is the plant color aberration? Does the plant grow slowly and have fewer fruits? The leaves are yellow and other problems. This LED plant light will help you solve it in one step.Generally, the proportion of red light will be higher than blue light.


Basic type: E27
Quantity: 4 pieces
28W plant light patch full spectrum plant growth light
Color: silver
Product power: 6W (LED lamp beads: 28 0.2w LED plant lamp beads)
Product power supply: with power supply
Access voltage: 85-265v (can do 12v24v36v48v range voltage)
Light source color temperature: (15 * red) (7 * blue) (2 * cool white) (2 * warm white) (1 * UV) (1 * IR)

【Product Includes】

4 * E27 28W LED plant light


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