PS5 Digital Cooling Dock and Charger


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Vertical Stand + Cooling Fan Dual Controller Charging Dock For PS5 PlayStation 5

🍀All-In-One for PS5 Digital Edition/Ultra HD Console

vertical stand, Cooling Storage Playstation 5 console with dual wireless controller charger station, 3 port USB Hub and 4 magneticType-C adapters.

🍀LED Charging Status At a glance

button the LED power icon to power on. (Recommended to use 5V/1.5-2A power adapter source to provide sufficient current)Charge up to 2 controllers, the green light turned to red while actively charging and stays green when fully charged. turned to red while actively charging and stays green when fully charged.

🍀High-Efficiency Cooling

2 pcs Built-in fans Cooling down Playstation 5 console efficiently,high-speed and low noise design. Keep it stable work, improves the operational life span.

🍀Power Supply Devices

2 additional USB HUB output ports allow charging for more PS5 controller and other devices,1 Type-C input port can support powered for your PS5 controller by Wall adapter when your ps5 Console turns off.


Name: PS5 base charger
Colour: White
Type:Multifunctional vertical stand
Platform:Applicable to Sony PS5 Digital/Ultra HD
Scope of application:console and controller
Product size: 32*19*3.8cm/12.6*17.48*1.5in
Weight: 629g/22.18oz
Power supply: USB 5V
Fan speed: 3100PRM
Charging time: 3.5 to 4 hours
Features: vertical stand, cooling fan, dual controller charging station, 3 USB hubs, 4 magnetic Type-C adapters.

Package includes

1* Dock charger
1*Accessory kit