Reset Sensor Reset Tool Tire Pressure Regulator


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⚡Reset Sensor Reset Tool Tire Pressure Regulator⚡

【Only for Ford】

The VXDAS TPMS19 TPMS sensor training tool can be used on any Ford Lincoln Mercury equipped with tire pressure sensors. (More details below) The activation tool used to train the TPMS sensor on a new car or after tire rotation

【Easy to Use】

 Super TPMS19 TPMS activation tool, easy and fast to operate, just press a button to activate a single TPMS sensor

【Basic TPMS Tool】

 Perfectly monitor the tire pressure, train the sensor of the car, make the TPMS warning light off, it is an important tool to replace the tire pressure sensor, remove or replace the tire

【Lnstallation Location】

Placement on the vehicle: left, right, front, rear


   1. If the vehicle or wheel/sensor is stationary for more than 30 minutes, the sensor will enter "sleep mode" to save battery power. Before the tire can communicate with the vehicle, it must be awakened by simply moving or rolling the tire.
   2. The TPMS training program must be in an area free of radio frequency interference and at least 3 feet away from other vehicles equipped with TPMS sensors.
   3. Vehicles with different front and rear tire pressures (such as F series trucks and E series trucks) need to undergo TPMS training again after the tires are rotated. Failure to train the sensor will cause the TPMS warning light to illuminate on the dashboard.


color: gray
Size: 2.36*1.69*0.39inch
For Ford (function cannot be measured)
Installed on the vehicle position: left, right, front, rea

【Package Included】

1 *Reset tool tire pressure regulator