Reusable Coffee Filter Basket


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Reusable Coffee Filter Basket, Small Black Coffee Filter, Coffee Machine Filter Cartridge

☕ The product packaging includes

Just buy, you will get a refillable coffee filter that can be reused, which can be used in turn.

☕ Suitable for all coffee filters

Compatible with all home Coffee makers can replace filters and all other reusable coffee filters.

☕ Premium and safe quality

The reusable filter is made of safe and harmless materials and meets the highest product quality and safety standards, high-temperature resistance.

☕ Easy to use

Just fill in the coffee powder, put it in the coffee filter, press the switch gently, and you can get a delicious cup of ground coffee.

Product Specifications

Color: black
Size: 2.48*2.4*2.52 inches
Material: Plastic

Package contains

1*coffee machine filter cartridge