Kitchen Multi-Purpose Rice Washer


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4Though rice is supposed to be quick and easy to cook, you would love making simple things even simpler. That is why, whenever I can, I choose to cook my rice in a rice cooker. Rice washing colanders will be one of your secret weapons to make rice cooking easy and pleasurable. It is a useful item to have in your kitchen.

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Kitchen Multi-Purpose Rice Washer, Rice Washing Tool, Rice Eashing Sieve Stirring Brush

Material, beautiful shape:

Healthy environmental protection material, non-toxic odor,material: PP+ polyethylene.

Water leakage design of baffle plate:

The baffle plate and water leakage design make it more convenient and quick to wash rice. It will not drop rice when pouring water. After use, it is quick and convenient to clean.

Do not hurt hand rice machine:

With this multifunctional rice machine, no longer need to wash rice by hand, can be injured in the hand or just finished nails or water cold use, carefully care for your hands, rice, asphalt, grinding.

Comfortable handle, large hole design:

The handle conforms to the mechanical design of the human body, smooth and round, comfortable, large hanging hole design, can be hung when not in use, and does not take up space.

Easy to clean:

Removable head, easy to clean, creative kitchen utensils.

Product Specifications

Colour: blue
Material: PP, TPR
Weight: 38g

Package contains

1*rice washing tool