2Pcs Rotating Magic Bean Toy


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Decompression toys can exercise memory and hand flexibility, improve logical thinking ability and color sensitivity. Expand the circle of friends and invite more people to play together. These cubes will pull the distance between each other.

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Rotating Magic Bean Toy, Magic Bean Fingertip Gyroscope Toy Ball, Decompression Fidget Toys

High Quality:

This stress relief gyro toy is made of ABS plastic, eco-friendly, safe for children to play.

Creative Design:

There are 4 0-shaped concave holes, each hole has 8 small beads, push the middle module, you can replace the position of the ball.

Tumbling instructions.

1. toggle the gyro, first rotate the gyro in your hands.
2. stand the gyro upright and vertical at a height of about 30cm above the ground.
3. loosen the gyro in your hand and let it fall vertically and naturally to hit the ground.
4. Rotate the gyro while doing cartwheels after landing.

Multiple Functions:

Keep your fingers busy, help you relieve stress and anxiety, and help you focus and relax.

Wide Application:

It is small enough to allow you to put it in your pocket. can be used in the office, school, on the road, or at home.

Perfect Gift:

The ideal gift for family, friends, and colleagues is both fun and less stressful.

Product Specifications

Color: yellow, black
Material: plastic
Quantity: a set / 2 sets
Size: 2.36 * 2.76 inches / 6 * 7CM

Package contains

2*Rotating Magic Bean Toy

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