Schmidt Cockroach Poker Board Game


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Cockroach Card Board Game, Schmidt Cockroach Poker

Great bluffing game
2-6 players but only 1 loser

Product description

Eight types of creepy critters are depicted on the Cockroach Poker cards, your job isn't to win, simply to make sure that you don't lose! Players take it in turns to pass a card, face down to one of their opponents and say out loud what's on the card. They might bluff, or they might be telling the truth... is it a rat? or is it really a stink bug? The recipient can either accept the card, saying if they think the player is telling the truth or bluffing... or they can peek at the card and pass it on...If you're caught bluffing, or you call bluff incorrectly, you keep the card face up in front of you. As soon as one player has four of the same critter cards in front of them, or when a player has no cards left to pass, they lose - and everyone else wins!

Product specifications

Material: Paper
Quantity: 1 pair
Product size: 3.4*2.2 inches/8.7*5.7CM
Number of people: 2-6

Package contains

1*Cockroach Poker