12" Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone


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12” 3D HD Radiation Protection Mobile Phone Stand Holder Magnifier Curved Screen

⚡Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone⚡ 

【12 Inch Curved Screen Magnifier】

3D curved screen amplifier magnifies your smartphone screen display 2-4 times, perfect for watching movies and gaming, which will reduce the discomfort and visual fatigue caused by long-term focus on the small screen.

【3D enjoyment & Radiation Protection】

Take HD zoom optical technology, ABS + 3D curve screen, Let can have your 3D visual enjoyment. The curved screen makes the phone display bigger, makes people watch more comfortably than the traditional flat lens. Effectively prevent the radiation generated by the mobile phone from harming the human eyes.

【Hand-Free And Portable Design】

This Screen Magnifier Uses a Folding design, lightweight and compact, convenient carrying, Suitable for indoor, office, desktop, travel, journey. Free your hands when using this cell phone screen magnifier to watch films and videos.

【Strong Pressure Resistance】

The curved screen design has good pressure resistance and toughness. But it has a strong ability to withstand stress. Good physical properties. In other words, force it to flatten. But let go of the rear fork and return the curved screen to its original shape.

【Compatible With Your Device】

This mobile phone screen enlarger adopts HD zoom optical technology, no battery needed, it is perfect for a mobile phone with a 6.5-inch screen.

【Gift For Family And Friends】

Simple and stylish design, help protect eyes from rather a close viewing distance makes and radiation, this product is a good choice of holiday gifts for your family or friends.


Screen size: Approx. 25 * 16 * 2cm(12inch)
Color: Black
Applicable models: General
Material: 3D Lens + ABS shell
net weight: 107g

【Packing List】

1* amplifier bracket with box