6PCS Broken Bolt Damage Screw Remover Extractor Drill Bits Easy Out Stud Reverse


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Product Details:

Weight: 85g

Material: H.S.S 4341#



0# Remove Diameter 2~3mm

1# Remove Diameter 3~5mm

2# Remove Diameter 4~8mm

2# Remove Diameter 4~8mm

3# Remove Diameter 5~10mm

4# Remove Diameter 6~12mm


This product works as a damaged screw extractor kit for those who constantly deal with rusted bolts, screw heads, snapped off bolts, and any issues like that.

There are six pieces to meet the needs of different sizes of screws and bolts. It’s rather easy to remove rust and broken screws.

Kindly Note:

Please place the damaged screw extractor kit in a dry place to avoid rusting.


Package List

6x Damaged Screw Extractor

1x Storage Box

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