6PCS Screw Extractor and Remover Set


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The screw extractor set(#0, #1, #2, #2, #3, #4) works with any drill and any size screw or bolt. This damaged screw extractor can remove all common sizes of damaged, stripped, or broken screws.


This damaged screw remover tool kit is made from High-Speed Steel H.S.S 4341#, which has a high hardness of 63hrc, it's durable and easy to remove any damaged screws.


Two easy steps, first you just need a drill, select a bit smaller than the damaged screw and begin the extraction by using the drill bit/burnishing tip and drill down to create a clean hole (make sure to run the drill in reverse during the process). Next switch the drill bit to the extraction tip and using consistent, downward pressure (and a slow speed) allow the extraction tip to “bite” into the damaged screw, and then you can easily remove the screw.


Keep this set in your toolbox to get the damaged screw out and your project back on track. Typically called an easy out or “EZ out”, highly suitable for various machinery repair work.


We have carried out strict quality inspection and control on one of our broken screw adapters before they leave the factory, Your damaged screw remover set is backed by our Highest Quality Promise

Product Details:

Weight: 85g

Material: H.S.S 4341#


0# Remove Diameter 2~3mm

1# Remove Diameter 3~5mm

2# Remove Diameter 4~8mm

2# Remove Diameter 4~8mm

3# Remove Diameter 5~10mm

4# Remove Diameter 6~12mm

This product works as a damaged screw extractor kit for those who constantly deal with rusted bolts, screw heads, snapped-off bolts, and any issues like that.

There are six pieces to meet the needs of different sizes of screws and bolts. It’s rather easy to remove rust and broken screws.

Kindly Note:

Please place the damaged screw extractor kit in a dry place to avoid rusting.


Package List

6x Damaged Screw Extractor

1x Storage Box

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