Sink Drain Overflow Cleaning Brush


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Small Tools, Make Life Better! Yes, you must find that the sink in your home keeps clogging up for no reason again, and you even didn't know why. If so, try our sink cleaning brush! This brush is small enough to get into our shower drain holes. It really helps loosen up the hair and mildew in your shower drain. 

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Sink Drain Overflow Cleaning Brush, Household Sewer Hair Catcher, Drain Snake Brush

【Spiral Bristles】

Lots Of Spiral Bristles For Catching Just About Everything Down That Drain Hole.

【Use Easily】

This Clog Remover’S Length Is About 17.7 inches. Which Is Long Enough To Get Real Deep Into The Drains And Pipes, Just Go Right Down, Pull The Hair And Gunk Out With Just Once Swipe.

【Excellent Material】

PP+ ABS Nylon Fiber Metal, The Shaft Is Made Of Metal, Free To Bend, Good Ductility, With A Handle, Can Better Clean Up The Plug.

【Easy To Clean&Can Be Hung】

Can Be Rinsed With Water, Can Be Reused, Suspended Handle, Comfortable To Hold.


Suitable For Sink, Toilet, Washbasin, Bathtubs, Floor Drains, Easy To Operate, Help You Clean Drain, Handle Blockages.

Product Specification

Material: ABS nylon fibre metal
Quantity: 1pc
Size: 17.7*0.4 inches
Use: For preventing/unblocking sinks, floor drains, baths, etc.

Package contains

1*Sewer Hair Catcher