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29Pcs Professional Sketch Drawing Pencil Set Sketching Charcoal Art Supply Tools

     ⚡Sketch Pencil Set⚡

【High Quality】

Durable drop-resistant metal craft knife + stylish, lightweight, well-made canvas hand roll bag + high-quality sharpened pencil + metal double-ended pencil extender.

【Big Drawing Set】

Give you the freedom to create. It is a good choice for artists and people interested in sketching. Suitable for children over 6 years old

【29-Piece Suit for Beginners】

The sketching tools are all in one, and the set provides a variety of carefully selected sketching tools for pencil painters. They are designed to write, paint and sketch on paper and matte drawing paper

【Packing Box】

Set of 18 sketching pencils (HB/1, B/1, 2H/2, 2B/4, 3B/2, 4B/4, 5B/1, 6B/1, 7B/1 , 8B / 1), 3 charcoal pencils (soft, neutral, hard), 4B erase / 1 piece, erasable / 1 piece, craft knife / 1 piece, pencil extender / 1 piece, pencil case / 1 There are 29 pieces in tota

【Easy to Carry】

Craft knife, it has two sides design, the front can be sharpened, and the other side has a paper clip, which is easy to fix and carry.


1. 18 Marko pencils
2. 3 Marco wood pens (one each for soft, medium and hard)
3. 4B eraser
4.1 Plastic glue
5. Pencil extender * 1
6. Canvas pencil curtain 7. Three rubber pens (one, thick, medium, one)

8. Berrence utility knife

【Package Includes】

1 * Sketch Pencil Set


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