Smart lcd FY-409 AA AAA Ni-MH Ni-CD battery charger


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A better charger and get your batteries powered up fast. EBL FY-409 Smart battery charger with 4 slots, suitable for AA and AAA Ni-MH Ni-CD batteries, universal smart LCD screens battery charger with Type-c and Micro input.


【Used Any Time Anywhere】

2A inputted with USB and Type-C ports could be freely changed by PC, Wall charger, power bank, car charger. Could be used anywhere you liked.

【Individual Battery Charger】

EBL Universal LCD AA AAA battery charger, independent charging channels, 4 bays for 1/2/3/4 pieces AA/AAA Ni-MH/Ni-CD rechargeable batteries.

【Easy to Know Charging Status】

High definition LCD screen, easily know the charging process of the battery and identify the bad batteries. The numbers on the screen make it easier for you to grasp the real-time charging status of the battery.

【Safe Charging】

Advanced MCU control and -∆V function, over-heat and over-current protection short-circuit protection, non-rechargeable and defective battery detection

【 What You Get 】

EBL FY-409 Universal Battery Charger*1
Micro USB Cable*1
User manual *1

2*AA batteries
2*AAA batteries

【 Strengths 】

⚡Fast charge
⚡Safe to use 
⚡Two different charging ways
⚡Multiple protection technologies

【Specification 】

Charger Type: FY-409 Battery Charger
Manufacturer: EBL
Weight: 2.515oz(without battery)
Input: Micro/TYPEC DC5V/2A
Product Size: 89.72x69.49x26.26mm / 3.52x2.73x2.73inches
USB cable length: 65cm(25.59”)
Applicable battery:1.2V
Output voltage:1.4VDC±15%
Input voltage:5VDC±5%
Input Current:2A
Charging current (constant current charging):AA/AAA:1A+20%
Charging mode: Single-slot independent charging
Charging time: Depends on the current charge of the battery. (the longest off time is 8 hours)
Rechargeable Battery: AA/AAA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd
Dual input ports: TypeC and micro USB
Charging slot:4 AA/AAA Ni-MH or Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries
Charging instructions: LCD display: Independently display the charging status of each battery in the form of a battery icon (3-segment flashing display), and the full display will be static when the battery is full; abnormal charging is the full flashing alarm of the corresponding icon.
Pre-charged battery identification:<1V for pre-charging, if it does not rise to 1V after 10 minutes, it is judged as a bad battery

【What's the advantage of the smart battery charger? 】

The voltage of the battery increases slowly during the charging process until the battery is fully charged. After that, the voltage decreases, which indicates to an intelligent charger that the battery is fully charged. The smart chargers employ a variety of cut-off systems to prevent overcharging.