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4L Smart Pet Feeder, Automatic Wi-Fi Pet Feeder with HD Camera for Video

2-Way Audio Communication for Cats and Dogs - App for Android and iOS

Intelligent control system

Feel free to feed your pet manually through APP CONTROL for iOS/Android phones because the smart pet feeder has a camera. A wireless router 2.4GHz is required. Plus, the built-in charcoal package and leakproof head part will keep food fresh.
With 1080P HD Camera

1. You can know what happened at home because the smart pet feeder keeps connected with WiFi all the time.
2. You are cable of viewing/recording videos of your pet even when you are not at home.
Two-way Audio:
1. Intelligent 2-way audio makes it possible to talk to your pet.
2. Either videos or screenshots are available, which will be stored on your phone. You can upload to social networking at any time and share happy moments with others.
Automatically Set Meal Times

Easy to set meal time with this smart pet feeder to make your pet healthier.
-6 feeding times a day, 1 to 5 portions each time(1 portion≈11.5g of dry food).
-Record your voice into three groups of recordings, every 10 seconds. When the food is dispensed, you can call your pets.
controlled by Tuya App

In order to let the pet to better respond to your voice, you can show live or recorded videos to him/her. What's more, you can customize your own settings and add/share information about your pet.
Pets over 33 pounds are not recommended to use the smart pet feeder.
Suitable for dry food ONLY.
Require an AC power supply.
Require a stable 2.4GHz WiFi signal for the best performance.
a. If you band the mobile app for the first time and want to use it under the different nets, you need to close the app and reopen the app.
b. If the feeder is powered off, you will need to reconnect the app as you did for the first time.

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