2-Pack Combination Smoke and CO Detector


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2-Pack Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm Battery Operated

⚡Smoke and CO Detector⚡ 

Keep Your Family Safe

Battery-powered alarms provide continuous monitoring of CO and smoke levels, even if there's a power failure.

Reliable & Highly Sensitive

The alarm will sound and be accompanies by the flashing red LED light when there are high levels of CO or smoke present

Quick & Easy Installation

Requires no rewiring, easy to mount on any wall or ceiling with the included mounting bracket, screws, and anchor plugs.

Loud 85 Decibel Alarm

The alarm sound pattern is 4 short alarm beeps for a CO alarm and continuous beeps for a smoke alarm.


Power Supply: 2 AA size batteries( not included batteries )
Sensitivity & Time for CO Alarm
50ppm, alarming within 90 minutes
100ppm, alarming within 40 minutes
300ppm, alarming within 3 minutes
Sensitivity for Smoke Alarm: 0.1~1.0dB/m
Standby Current: <80uA
Alarm Current: <80mA
Operation Ambient Condition: 5~400C, 20~90%R.H

Package Include

1* 2PCS Smoke and CO Detector ( not included batteries )
1* English Manual