Spiral LED Whip Light Sign


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2PC 3ft spiral LED whip light sign for UTV ATV Ranger RZR Can-Am Polaris antenna

 ⚡Spiral LED Whip Light Sign⚡

360-degree excellent color crazy high-brightness LEDs ensure you are always visible, and the unique spiral design means more LEDs can be accommodated per foot of whip

【Perfect Synchronization】

A single external drive controller for a pair of whips, making it possible to change color, intensity and flash mode at the same time without losing any beat


Rock-solid performance is waterproof, shockproof, almost indestructible and easy to install, and has a quick-connect base...reliable only in this case

【Brightness Design】

Unparalleled 20 color combinations, 5 brightness levels and 10 flash patterns; if you want to count these 1,000 different choices!

【Natural Safety】

Our super bright LED whip can let you see even in the harshest conditions. Our LED lights are 50% more than previous models and adopt a 360° spiral design, so our LED whip has received widespread attention. Want more? We even included a clip, a carabiner and an American flag in the whip


20 color combinations
5 brightness levels
10 flash modes
IP65 waterproof rating
LED increase by 50%
Stylish black shape
Quick connect base

【Apply To】

2PC 3ft spiral LED whip logoforUTVATVATVATVRangerRZRCanAmPolarisantennas,apair of 4FT illuminated spiral LED whip antennas with logo and remote control, 2 3ft ATVs with logo Polaris RZR UTV spiral-shaped LED whip antenna remote control Polaris RZR UTV remote control and remote control


Voltage: DC12v
Quantity: 2 (3 feet)
Product name: LED off-road beach flagpole light 2 3 feet
Material: PVC, aluminum, uninterrupted steel, light strip

【Package Includes】

1* controller driver
2 *snap-in mounts and fasteners
4* flagpole groups
2* American flags
1 *controller and battery
2* 3'RGB spiral whip
1* instruction manual