3Pcs Sponge Cup Cleaning Brush


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3pcs Sponge Cup Cleaning Brush Long Handle Cleaner Cup Mugs Cleaning Tool(Dark Blue

Product Features

Made of selected high-quality sponge material, it is flexible, durable, effective and easy to clean. The sponge cup brush is soft and easy to use.

The spongy brush head, which rotates 360 degrees, can easily remove unhealthy items and hard-to-reach areas at the bottom. Goblet, Glass, Milk Bottle, Mug, And Other Cups That Are Not Easy To Clean.

The porous sponge brush has a unique shape of strong water absorption, which can be easily suspended for storage and is clean and hygienic.

Quick bubbling and easy stain removal of porous sponge head, strong adsorption capacity, all kinds of cups with a brush to clean strong fit for all kinds of cups.

Product specification

Name: sponge cup brush
Material: ABS+sponge
Colour: dark blue
Size: 27.5*5CM
Weight: 58g

Package contains

3*sponge cup brushes