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Sports sunglasses for men and women are ideal for usage by cycling, motorcycle, biking, driving, running, baseball, fishing, racing, golf, skiing and climbing, trekking, or other outdoor activities enthusiasts.

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Sports Sunglasses Interchangeable Lenses UV Protection, MTB Road Bike Glasses

【Lightweight Design 】

The ultra-lightweight frame weighs. Let you forget about wearing them while exercising and get rid of the heavy sunglasses. 

【UV Protection Cut】

Cycling glasses are made of materials with excellent safety and impact resistance, it stands out for their ultra-lightness, clarity, elasticity, stability, and impact resistance. Effectively reduce the damage of UVA and UVB on glasses, reduce the load on the eyes and ensure a comfortable vision.

【More Choices and Styles】

This is cost-effective means and women's sunglasses polarized UV protection.

【Suitable for Everyone】

These running sunglasses use adjustable nose pads, which can perfectly fit any shape of the bridge of the nose with just one tap. People with myopia can install myopia lenses in a special frame.

Product Specifications

Style: black frame dark blue film
Color: black + blue
Material: PC
Quantity: 1 pair
Size: 6.26 * 2.28 inches / 15.9 * 5.8CM
Frame length: 5.2 inches / 13.2CM
Nose spacing: 0.67 inches / 1.7CM
Lens width: 3.15 inches / 8CM

Package contains

1*Sports Sunglasses

Ski protection items recommend: Ski Mask Fleece Hood

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