Spring Clip Barbell Bar Buckle


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2/4/6 Standard 1" Weight Bars Spring Collar Clips Dumbbell Barbell Clamp Bar Gym

⚡Spring Clip Barbell Bar Buckle⚡

【Quality Materials】

They are made of high-quality spring steel with exquisite craftsmanship. The handles are very soft and smooth. It is more comfortable to hold the handles with your hands.

【Easy to Use】

Each barbell spring collar has a smooth plastic handle, which is easy to use. Slide in and out the weight bar easily and easily.

【Suitable Situation】

These spring dumbbell collars are suitable for anyone who uses fitness equipment to exercise their muscles, such as bench presses, elevated bench presses, whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner, you can use it.

【Good Results】

These barbell circlips are more elastic than other gyms, which makes it easier to quickly apply and disassemble the barbell, and it is not easy to slip when you tilt the dumbbell.


Colour: Black
Material: Steel and ABS
Size: 3.07x2.83inch
Suitable for: gym, weightlifting, cross fitness, weightlifting, etc

【Products Include】

2*Spring clip barbell bar buckle