Sprinkler for Kids Splash Pad


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Enjoy Holiday in Summer

The diameter of the sprinkler Pad for Kids is 60", large space allows 3 children(2 to 12 years old)to play the game on it. Your children can spend a cool summer in your yard.

Durable and Environmentally Friendly

Kids Splash Pad is made of PVC Protected Material, BPA free. You need not worry about its quality, children can enjoy their holiday.

Sea-world Theme

The theme of sprinkler for Kids Splash Pad is about SeaWorld, these cute pictures make learning fun, children can learn more while they are playing.

Easy to Set Up

Adjust the water pressure to match spray height, install the sprinkler for kids splash pad according to the instruction, it is easy to be done, children can play on the mini water park.


We suggest that you can use a mat under the product to avoid contact ground directly, it may be punctured by something sharp. If you have any questions regarding the products, we will offer you the solution within 24 hours.

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