Stapler Manual Nail Gun


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Heavy Duty Staple Gun 3 In 1 Stapler Tacker Hand With 600 Staples Upholstery US

⚡Stapler Manual Nail Gun⚡

【Three-in-one Function】

Extremely practical and multifunctional three-in-one heavy duty stapler, capable of fixing D-type nails, U-type nails and T-type nails.


You can use the depth adjustment knob on the top to match the thickness of the material used, making decoration easy. If the heavy nail gun is nailed, you can use the removal device at the bottom of the stapler to remove the jammed nails. These two functions can quickly solve many problems in use and make your use smoother.

【Quick Removal】

When the staple nail is jammed, you can pull down the staple switch and remove the stapled nail to ensure that the nail gun can work normally.

【Easy to Lnstall and Use】

The manual nail gun adopts the spring rebound principle and is durable. Fewer steps make it easy to install and operate. Also suitable for teenagers, women and senior citizens.

【Ergonomic Design】

Steel handle with overmolded rubber handle and convenient handle lock to ensure comfort and safety. The handle lock size provides safe portability and easy storage.


U-shaped nail: 7.87*0.47inch
Nail: 7.87*0.39inch
Staples: 7.87*0.31inch
Applicable nail range: 0.16*0.55inch
Door type nail: 1006J-1014J
U-shaped nail: 610-612U
T-shaped nail: F10-F14MM

【Package Included】

1 x pistol
600 x square nails