Creativity Swan Base Dinnerware


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This awe-inspiring swan stand is a stunning work of art. The swan has a long, beautifully designed neck and the spoon can be used for eating. It features a stylish stainless steel utensil holder that makes for a cleaner countertop and can be better displayed as a gift especially around the holidays. Best choice for you to entertain your guests or a great gift to your family and your friend.

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Stainless Steel Creativity Swan Base Dinnerware Fruit/Dessert Flatware Set, Decorative Swan Base Holder with 6 Forks or 6 Spoons (Swan)


High-quality stainless steel, resistant and durable. Forks and spoons are made of zinc alloy which makes the flatware looks more elegant,safe and hygienic!

【Fork Set】  

There is a flatware spoon set, serving fruit, salad, cakes, coffee, dessert, appetizers, etc.

【Innovative Design】

Swan shape base design, looks original, delicate, and elegant even for home decoration. Luxury design styles are suitable for dining and kitchen decoration. Delicate, easy to carry; BEST CHOICE for you to entertain your guests or a great gift to your family and your friend.

【Product Description】

The basic swan base tableware has 2 choices of spoons and forks, respectively, 1 silver swan base + 6 spoons or forks.
Upgrade model swan base tableware gold and silver fork can choose, respectively, 1 gold or silver swan base + 6 forks.

Product specifications

Basic model swan base size: 5.9 * 2.8 inches (silver)
Basic fork size: 5.1 * 0.4 inches
Basic spoon size: 4.5 * 1.2 inches
Upgraded swan base size: 5.7*5 inches
Upgrade fork size: 5 * 0.8 inches
Material: zinc alloy
Color: silver / gold
Polishing process: cloth wheel light (mirror polishing)
Features: elegant curve, aesthetic design; bright color, mirror polishing

Package ( 4 styles for your choice )

🍴Basic fork: 1 basic swan + 6 forks
🍴Basic spoon: 1 basic swan + 6 spoons
🍴Upgraded silver: 1 silver swan + 6 forks
🍴Upgraded gold: 1 gold swan + 6 forks