5Pcs Mobile Game Sweat-proof Fingers Gloves


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5Pcs Mobile Game Sweat-proof Fingers Gloves Touch Screen Thumbs Finger Sleeve

⚡Sweat-proof Fingers Gloves⚡

【Silver Fiber 100% Coverage】

The surface is completely covered with silver fiber, and the thumb mobile gaming finger sleeves have ultra-high sensitivity everywhere.


This pub gamer finger glove is made by hand-stitching sterling silver fiber cloth. suitable for any size finger. With the pleated design, the rounded part of the fingertip is attached to your fingertips, so you don't have to worry about the screen being blocked.

【Silver Fiber Fabric】

The fingertips made of silver fiber fabric are cooler and more comfortable than other rubber and cotton finger sleeves. you won't feel stuffy even on a hot summer day.

【Sensitive operations】

Operational sensitivity, which will help you improve the gaming experience. Easy to use. Get an impressive and smooth gaming experience with these finger sleeves. its friction coefficient is close to the friction between the finger and the screen.


Color: Gray
Ultra-Thin: 0.01"(0.5mm)
Features: Touch Screen, Breathable, Sensitive, Abrasion Resistance


5 x Mobile Game Finger Sleeve

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