Swimming Pool Thermometer Dispenser


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ANTOBLE Floating Pool Chemical Bromine Chlorine Dispenser with Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool Thermometer

⚡Swimming Pool Thermometer Dispenser⚡

【Adjustable Output Port】

Controllable chemical dosage, equipped with adjustable chemical output port and twist-lock ring to release appropriate amount of chlorine.

【Floating Design】

The dispenser is light enough to float on water for easy access and filling of chlorine tablets and cleaning.

【High Capacity】

The large chlorine tablet storage warehouse can hold up to five 200g / 8.82oz chlorine tablets, which can be used for a long time without frequent replenishment, thus saving time and convenience.

【Non-Corrosive Shell】

The non-corrosive PP material is used for continuous distribution of chlorine, and the function of the cover is to prevent the chlorine tablets from falling off the distributor for a long time and corroding the bottom of the pool.

【Wide Range of Uses】

Widely used in swimming pools, spas, water parks, aquariums, etc.


material: plastic
Color: white and blue
Type: Floating Chlorine Distributor
Temperature range: 30°F-120°F / 0°C-50°C

【Package Included】

1*Sterilizer with thermometer