Super-Cute Swing Duck


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If you are looking for a good car accessory with animal elements, then the "Swing Duck Car Mirror Hanging Figurine " is perfect.
The cartoon swing duck makes the car interior lively and interesting.

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Super-Cute Swing Duck Mirror Hanging Car Interior Accessories


The duck is in cute design and size, will not affect the driving sight, you can adjust the lanyard, invalid to hit the glass when braking. It shakes slightly when driving, which can well eliminate the driver's visual fatigue and increase safety.


Suitable for hanging on car rearview mirrors, add fun to our driving; also a good decor for your office and home.

🐥Product specification

Name: swing duck
Material: plaster
Size: 1.18*1.77*2.36 inches
Weight: 38g

Packaging includes

1 Duck Ornaments.