Zip Ties NYLON Cable


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200 Pcs. 12in Cable Zip Ties NYLON 40lbs UV Weather Resistant Wire Cable Black

 Zip Ties NYLON Cable

【Resealable Storage Bag】

The resealable storage bag makes the storage and use of cable ties easier. You will never have to worry about how to store unused zippers.

【Heavy-Duty Cable Tie】

OneLeaf cable tie is made of imported UL-certified high-quality nylon PA66 material, which can withstand a tensile strength of up to 120 pounds (55KG).

【Durable and UV Resistant】

The cable tie has passed high temperature and tensile tests, can withstand temperatures from 5°F to 176°F, and has a fire rating of 94V-2. It is anti-ultraviolet both indoors and outdoors every day and has a long service life.


The heavy-duty zipper tie is very suitable for home, garden, office and garage finishing work. It is not only very suitable for cables or wires used by organizations, but also very suitable for gardening, permanent fixing, hanging heavy objects, etc.


Material: brand new nylon 66
Quantity: 200pcs (2 packs)
Packing method: sealed bag
Product name: Self-locking nylon cable tie

【Products Include】

  200*Zip Ties NYLON Cable