Bunion orthosis


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Bunion corrector and bunion first aid kit, gel bunion cushion, bedsore PROTECTORbunionbootscanprovide excellent protection and treatment for bunions and bunions (1 pair)

⚡Bunion orthosis⚡


Facts have proved that 90% of bunion patients have been successfully treated. If bumps are formed, these socks can prevent calluses and blisters. If you have toe joints, this protector is perfect for you. Lead to the disappearance of hallux valgus and other joint deformities.

【product material】

We use the best quality raw materials on the market to produce our products. These support relief sleeves are used to bring cool, soft material, which can be maintained for a long time, and the relief support is lasting

【Product advantages】

Painless correction,
shoes can be worn during the day and night, 
soft and skin-friendly.
Very comfortable to wear for a long time.

【Product specifications】

2 pieces
40-48 yards
Foot tube:3.9*3.1(inch)

【Package includes】

2 pieces Toe orthosis

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