Toilet Lever Handle for TOTO Kohler


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Side Mount Toilet Easy Use Flush Lever Handle Angle for TOTO Kohler Toilet Tank

         ⚡Toilet Lever Handle for TOTO Kohler⚡

【Durable Material】

Metal wrench + copper rod This is a very durable handle arm structure. It has a brass handle with a metal lock nut handle. Strong and durable, can be used for a long time.

【Beautiful and Stylish】

Wrench width: about 2.95 inches, rod length: 7.87 inches. This modern metal rod wrench will help your toilet add a new and stylish atmosphere to the bathroom and help your toilet.

【Easy to Install】

Side-mounted toilet handle, suitable for TOTO Kohler Tankhe's sturdy handle, durable and easy to install. Please note that there are no installation instructions, please make sure you can install it first before you can rinse smoothly.

【Functional Hardware】

This side-mounted toilet handle is suitable for square installation holes. The water rod lock nut has a reverse thread to prevent loosening over time. It can be quickly installed on the front, side or angle of the water tank. The arm can be installed as needed Bend or cut.


Material: zinc alloy
Color: silver and gold
Rod length: 7.87 inches
Wrench width: 2.95 inches

【Products Include】

1 * TOTO Kohler's toilet handle