U-shaped Electric Soft Toothbrush


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 U shaped Electric Soft Toothbrush Rechargeable 

Automatic Tooth Cleaner for Adults



The structure design of the U-shaped is innovative and useful. The U-shaped is suitable for our mouths. From the inside and outside, going deep into the teeth and removing dental plaque. 

【Safe to use】

It is made of silica gel. It is safe for your teeth. 


360-degree intelligent vibration can make your teeth Cleaner

Automatic stop after 45 seconds when finished. 

Switch button: Clicking once is the Power on/switch mode, long-pressing is the shutdown mode.

【3 Kinds of Vibration Frequency

Strong tooth cleaning mode

Comfortable tooth cleaning mode,

Whitening mode


1. To reduce problems of gum, dental plaque, tooth sensitivity, and dental calculus.

2. To freshen your breath, clean your gingiva to keep your teeth healthy. Let you have pure white teeth and eat everything you like.

【How to use】

1. Rinse the silicone tip of the toothbrush with clean water before brushing.

 2. Squeeze toothpaste on the U-shaped toothbrush head left, right, the center of

the pros and cons.

3. Put the toothbrush into your mouth and bite gently.

4. Press the switch button, holding the fuselage of the toothbrush, and swing back and forth until you touch the innermost teeth on both sides.

5. Rinse the U-shaped toothbrush with clean water after the toothbrush stops working.

6. Wipe the body with a dry cloth or paper towel and then put the toothbrush on the charging base.

【 What You Get 】

1 x U-shaped Electric Soft Tooth Cleaner

1 x Cable

1 x User Manual

【 Strengths 】

⚡ Convenience, safe, and easy to use

Rechargeable and Automatic

⚡Keeping your teeth healthy

⚡ Preventing dental disease


Product Name: U-shaped Electric Soft Toothbrush 
Quantity: 1pcs
Color: White & Black
Materials: Silica Gel
Rated current: 5W
Input voltage 3.2-3.7V
Size: 4.4*2.3*1.1 inch
charging seat size: 3.2*2.3*1.1 inches 
USB charging cable length: 17 inch