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Vegetable Chopper, Onion Chopper, Vegetable Food Slicer, Vegetable Spiralizer, Fruit Salad Chopper with 1.2L Container

🍅【Functional Vegetable Chopper】

14 in 1 Vegetable Chopper Onion Chopper meets all of your slicing, grating, and chopping needs. Choose the perfect thickness of your sliced vegetables with the easy-to-use adjuster dial and select the ideal size for your chopped vegetables by simply changing the inserts. Manufactured with top-notch materials like stainless steel blades and food-grade material is harmless to your family.

🍅【Greatest Kitchen Tools】

Our veggie chopper included h 9 different sized chopper blades for slicing, julienne, grating & shredding offer the functionality of multiple kitchen tools in just one, highly versatile, kitchen gadget. The high-quality stainless-steel blades will create perfectly chopped onions, tomatoes, and peppers for salsa, or shred an entire cabbage for coleslaw in no time. The Vegetable Food Choppers effectively save you more time and energy, perfect for your everyday cooking.

🍅【Veggie Chopper with Innovative Design】

Slicer Spiralizer built-in chop lid lets you cut foods directly into the collection tray without the mess of a knife and cutting board. The capacity of the vegetable food chopper is 1.2L, just right to meet the demand of a medium amount, without food waste. Storage container lets you hold prepared vegetables to store in the refrigerator. Its compact size allows you to store it almost anywhere.

🍅【User-friendly Handheld Spiralizer】

Compact and easy to use. We are specially designed this vegetable chopper for every family. It can save you more time and effort to dice, chop and slice the ingredients of the desired dish. The bottom of the onion chopper container possesses non-slip feet, firmly sucking countertop for stability. All blades can be stored in the veggie chopper of the container when not in use for no disorder, loss.

🍅【Comfortable Design and Warranty】

The vegetable slicer is detachable, will not residual stain, making cleaning easier. After shredding the food, please remember to wear gloves to take off the blades. When cleaning the chopper, please remove the blade first and use the little brush to wash the blade to avoid cutting your hands. Then directly rinse the container with water.

Product specification

Product Name: vegetable cutter
Product color: white green
Capacity: 1.2L"
Size: 8.6*4.7*3.9 inches

Package content

1. Plastic bag bowl
2. Lid
3. Shredding body
4. Pressed lid
5. Dicing body
6. cleaning claws
7. Handguard
8. knife pad
9. coarse dicing knife
10. tomato knife
11. Slicing
12. shredding
13. small hole knife
14. Large hole knife
15. Shred roll
16. cleaning brush
17. Rolling piece
18. Rolling wire hand protection
19. Fine dice
20. Gloves

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