Wardrobe Dehumidifier Box


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Wardrobe Dehumidifier Box, Mini Umbrella Hangable Shape Wardrobe Dehumidifier

💧【Easy and Quick】

Spherical calcium chloride to enlarge the area to absorb quickly. It can protect your belongings against dampness, rust and musty odor.

💧【Efficient and Space Saving 】

The moisture is contained in a little box at the bottom that is amazing is that you can see the water added day by day, and really see the effectiveness. create a dry and comfortable indoor environment.

💧【Cloth Protect】

The moisture absorber box provides an easy solution to protecting items and fabrics from excess moisture. Just hang it where needs to be dehumidified.

💧【Use One-way moisture-permeable paper】

Needn't worry about water will leak dirty clothes. Good for in porch, shoe ark, chest, bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms, basements and so on.

💧【Additional Features】

Designed with hook, Hangable, Reusable Box

Product specification

Colour: green
Material: ABS+PP+silica gel+desiccant
Size: 8.86*2.85 inches
Scope of application: can be hung in drawers, cabinets, bathrooms, shoe cabinets, etc.

Package contains

1*Dehumidifier Box