Water Fuse Beads Kit


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This beading kit will be a great gift or present for your children (whether boy or girl), pre-teen for a birthday, Christmas, or any holidays. You can make Christmas ornaments, coasters or any of your favorite designs!

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Water Fuse Beads Kit, Creative Beads DIY Art Crafts Toys Magic Water Sticky Beads Complete Set


4.5mm 15 colors 1500 classic jewel beads set and DIY kits a set. Compatible with regular size beads. Play the imagination of kids.


This magical water-based bead uses new technical materials that are easier to use than ironing beads, without the need for ironing or glue, and can be glued together automatically.

Material without Chemical Coating:

Fuse beads Kit are designed to be melted, which won’t cause a strong melting plastic smell as well as make your masterpiece's color last longer.


Improve your child's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition; basic counting and express yourself in an artistic way.


The water spray beads are the best toys for boys girls kids grandson students; the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, festivals, indoor/outdoor activity and any holiday.

Operating instructions

1. DIY or in accordance with the chart will be the magic beads to set up a good shape.
2. Evenly and fully sprayed with water mist.
3. Let stand for about 2 hours or more spraying too much water can be tilted to stand.
4. Use a small spatula to gently remove the dried works.

Product specification

Style: 15 colors 1500 grains + accessories
Material: PVA
Quantity: 1 set
Size: beads 4.5mm

Package includes

1*Water Fuse Beads Kit