White Waterproof Bathroom Curtain


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Whether you start your day with a shower or end it with a shower, a good shower curtain (that won't stick to you or stain easily) is a real bathroom essential.


White Waterproof PEVA Bathroom Door Curtain Anti-mould and Anti-bacterial

💫Classic pattern

The pure white colour is stylish and beautiful, giving your bathroom a touch of elegance and distinction. At the same time, the classic shower curtain can be matched to any bathroom setting or bathroom colour.

💫Waterproof design

The ultra-smooth professional design repels water and promotes water droplet formation, allowing water to quickly roll off the surface and keep your bathroom dry and clean.

💫Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Made from 100% PEVA, the non-toxic shower curtain liner has no odour - no chemical smells; the shower curtain is PVC and chlorine free, providing a healthier bathroom environment for you, your children and your whole family; water and soap will slide right off and not collect on the hem - keeping the shower liner clean and providing a safer shower and bath environment.

💫Shower curtain size recommendation

1. Choose a width that is generally 10-50cm wider than the actual width of the bathroom wall, for a more pleated aesthetic;

2. Shower curtain height is generally within 10cm from the ground.


Material: PEVA
Colour: white
Shower curtain waterproof: roller ball waterproof
Shower curtain hanging ring: thickened plastic C-ring
Shower curtain grommet: metal brass grommet
Product size: 180*180cm/70.87*70.87inch.plus buckle

Package includes

1*PEVA bathroom curtain