10 Pcs Cable Reel Organizer - Black


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10 Pcs Cable Reel Organizer Cord Management Charger Desktop Clip Wire Holder 

 ⚡Cable Clips Holder

Tidy Your Space

These convenient adhesive cable clips keep your desk, home, or car uncluttered and organized; perfect neat and safe cable organizer solution, helps you find cables and cords easily

Superior Design

Cable cord organizer set includes 5 different sizes, fits small diameter cords like phone chargers or mouse cords, or larger diameter power cables, connectors, speaker wires

Easy To Stick On

Strong adhesive bonds with most surfaces, including plastic, metal, glass, wood, rubber, walls, car interiors, more; no tools required for these adhesive clips for organizing cables

Designed To Last

Ultimate high-performance cord organizers, made from sturdy silicone rubber material with superb adhesive; high-quality cable clips built to professional equipment standards

Outstanding Value

Set of 10 cable and cord organizers includes 2x single clips, 2x double clips, 2x double clips with bigger base, 2x triple clips, and 2x 5-cable clips; black color


10 sets, 2 pcs-5 each,
1 slot circle * 2: 28.2 * 28 * 15.8mm,
2 slot circle * 2: 27.7 * 27.6 * 16.3mm,
2 slot square * 2: 34.4 * 34.3 * 12mm,
3 slots * 2: 33.6 * 33.3 * 15.7mm,
5 slots oval: 66.4 * 27.6 * 11mm (all adhesive)

Compatible With

Suitable for Various Cables:
1.USB Cables
2.Power Cords
3.Cell Phone charging cables
4.Audio Cables

Package Included

10x Cable Reel Organizer