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Wireless Entry Doorbell Welcome Motion Sensor Detector Gate Chime Alert Alarm


Main Features

1. Easy, Fast, Wire Free Installation: Infrared sensor detects motion and sends a signal to the receiver. Chose from 38 Ringtones with Bright LED Light. Sensor is wall mountable.

2. Wireless Plug-in Receiver: The portable wireless plug-in receiver plugs into any standard outlet. The sensor uses 3 AAA batteries (Not Included). Detection time delay in between motion sensor alerts is configurable from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, just place the sensor at the entrance to your driveway and the receiver inside your home.

3. Working Range up to 228 feet (70 meters to 80 meters ) between receiver and transmitter allowing you to place it a good distance from the receiver to warn you of arrival and departure of family members, unwanted guests or solicitors, or anyone who visits your home or business

4. Ideal for front doors, window frames, driveways, walking paths, and anywhere in your home you want to be alerted to motion. Also great to alert business owners that are working in the back, or out of sight, to customers entering their store.

5. Note: Includes 1 plug-in receiver unit and 1 motion sensors requiring 3x AAA batteries (Not Included). Receiver size: 3.14” L x 2.99” W x 1.29” H (80 x 76 x 33mm) Sensor Size: 3.14” L x 2.32” W x 1.77” H (80 x 59 x 45mm)


The Wireless Household Alert Security System is an easy-to-install and DIY home security system, which is perfect for your office, apartment or home. Just rest in absolute easy! The driveway alarm provides a solution to alert you the moment someone enters your property. It's convenient and especially, with an affordable price. When the movement is detected, the Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor sends a wireless signal to the receiver unit up to 70m/228ft away. There are 38 ringtones and 3 level volume, and a silent LED flash.


Special design and beautiful appearance.

Simple operation, attaching it anywhere you want.

Infrared sensor detects motion and sends a signal to the receiver.

Wireless installation, just place the sensor at the entrance.

Send audible chime sound, alerting you that somebody is approaching.


Condition: New

Working Voltage of the Receiver: 110V-240V

Working Voltage of the PIR Sensor: 4.5V 3pcs AAA batteries (Not Included)

Plug: AU/US/EU plug(the type is depend on your country)

Receiver Switch Setting:

1) Music source: 38 different songs for optional, Use the external button "music" to finish

2) The function of volume adjustment: There are three kinds of volume (high, middle, low) for choice

3) Adjust sound and silence

Working Range: Up to 70 meters

Infrared Sensing Distance: 3-7 meters

Color: White

Material: Plastic

Receiver Size: 3.14” L x 2.99” W x 1.29” H (80 x 76 x 33mm)

Sensor Size: 3.14” L x 2.32” W x 1.77” H (80 x 59 x 45mm)

Weight : Approx. 140g

Product Weight:160g

Follow the steps for usage

1. Place the correct batteries in the detector.

2. Make sure that the batteries have been put in the proper positions.

3. Mount the detector properly by the front door, window frame, driveway, walk path, backyard or anywhere you need.

4. Then switch on the receiver and adjust the volume to either hi or lo position.

5. Now the remote detective system is operating with the infrared detect technology.

6. Place the receiver in an easy reaching place.

7. When the detector senses motion,the receiver will make an audible sound and the LED light will flash.

8. Please wait for 30 seconds after switching on detective & receiver to activate.

9. Please install both units above 3 feet ground level for optimal performance.

Useful Tips

Do not place the detective in areas where the wind will move it. Also try to keep the detective in a clear path to the receiver, so that you can get optimal performance.

Care & Maintenance Portion

1. Importance: please keep the detector receiver in sheltered places to avoid contact of both units from water and direct sunlight.

2. When the LED indicator does not go on, the battery power is either low or dead. At that time you should change the batteries.

3. Clean the detective regularly with a damp cloth to avoid blockage of sensor by washing any small particles.

4. Try to keep it in areas where it will not get wet. In addition, during heavy storms and snow fall, it is recommended that unit should be moved to indoor or in a safe place .

5. Never attempt to take apart the units.

6. When the unit is not in use ,take out all batteries, clean both units and store the units in a dry and cool place.

7. This device is not a toy and should be kept out of reach from children.

Package Included

1 x PIR Sensor (Batteries are not included)

1 x Receiver

1 x Mounting bracelets

1 x Instruction Manual

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