Wormwood Self Heating Knee Braces


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After half a generation, don't worry about your knees anymore! Are you still worried about your knees getting cold? Try this mugwort heated knee pads, it's really comfortable to wear and the joint heated knee pads are super!

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1pair Wormwood Self Heating Knee Braces For Arthritis Moxibustion Therapy Warm Knee Pads Sleeves Orthopedic Brace Support


1. The knee sleeve is made of high-quality materials and is safe and comfortable to wear.
2. Using Wormwood dot-matrix self-heating materials, helps to improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, dredge meridians, and enhance immunity.
3. Can effectively help relieve local fatigue and pain, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and swelling.
4. Suitable for people with joint pain, arthritis, bone hyperplasia, and leg muscle pain. It can also help protect your knees while doing daily activities and health care.

precision knitting; steam ironing; neat stitching; comfortable fabric; four-sided stretch; thread processing; latex silk stretch

🌿🌿Product specification

Material: polyester fiber
Quantity: 1 pair
Color: Black
Size: (length: 10.6 inches , top opening width: 7.1inches, bottom opening width: 6.3 inches, leg circumference: 18.9-23.6 inches)


1pair knee braces

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